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Sentinels Of Eshall community

Sentinels of Eshall needs a thriving community in order to be successful. Would you like to be a part of that community? Join us as we discuss Sentinels of Eshall Gameplay, Art, and Story. Or other things related to Dragons, tactical games, or even game dev in general.


  1. No solicitation for services or products, any post doing so will be deleted.
  2. No abusive language. If you do not like the game it is fine to tell us, but if you are vulgar about it your post will be deleted.
  3. No harassing other members of the community for any reason.
  4. If your comment is off topic, but does fit with another topic it may be moved or subject to moderation.
General Chat 2 topics
General Chat about Sentinels of Eshall or related topics.
Suggestions 0 topics
If you have played the game and have suggestions. Here is the place to drop a line.
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General 0 topics
Just suggestions in general that you think my be helpful
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Gameplay 0 topics
If you have some gameplay suggestions, let us know
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Art 0 topics
An artist work is never done. We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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UI / UX 0 topics
For sugestions on the UI or UX
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Bug Reports 0 topics
If you show us a bug, We will squish it!
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If you are in early access you can ... access this forum
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